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Keep Sweden Tidy, pink

Ref nr: 101-124

Size: 27 x 20 cm

Handmade out of birchwood in Sweden. High quality, dish washer safe.

Tove Jansson loved the sea and the nature. Many of her stories and illustrations reflects the beautiful archipelago of the Baltic Sea. In the 70s Tove Jansson illustrated, toghether with her brother Lars Jansson, exklusive Moomin posters with designs of the environment for Håll Sverige Rent (Keep Sweden Tidy). Some of these motifs are now reproduced on different items. When you buy the Keep Sweden Tidy-products you contribute to the work of Håll Sverige Rent for a clean Baltic Sea and the foundations work with children and young.

The foundation Håll Sverige Rent is a nonprofit organization that works for reduced littering, increased recycling and to promote individuals ’and organizations’ environmental responsibility.

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Size:27 x 20 cm
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