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Questions & Answers

When was Opto Design founded?

Opto Design was founded in 2008 by Helena Melin.

What brands to you have in your range?

We have Moomin, Lisa Larson, Pippi Långstrump, Emil i Lönneberga, The Beatles and Stig Lindberg. All Scandinavian strong brands.

Were do you produce your products?

Almost all our products are made in Sweden. The core value of the company is high quality in the selection of both material and design and the ambition is to create products that are handmade and manufactured, as far as possible, in Sweden.

What are the trays made of?

The trays are hand made in Sweden out of Birch wood. Our wooden products; trays, glass coasters, pot coasters and cutting boards are all made of Birch wood and made in Sweden.

How do I clean the trays?

The trays are dish washer safe.


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