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februari, 2016

  • The Smurfs -a brand new line at Opto Design

    The Smurfs!
    A brand new line at Opto Design is The Smurfs! Our colourful and playful range of Smurfs includes trays, glass coasters and dish cloths.
    The Smurfs was created in the late 1950’s by the 
    Belgian series creator Pierre ”Peyo” Culliford.

  • Easter comes early this year

    Easter comes early this year. We have a nice Moomin easter collection!

  • Tove Nordic

    Opto Design’s latest project is Tove Nordic. A fantastic collection with a design by James Zambra.

    Tove Nordic is a melamine collection including a mug, breakfast bowl, big bowl, small and big plate. The collection is also extended by trays, cutting boards, pot coasters, glass coasters, napkins, towels and table mats.

  • News by Opto Design

    In the mittle of the 60′s Stig Lindberg created kitchenware in melamine that was named Balett and Blues. It is with the plastic that Stig Lindberg became an industrial designer.

    Last year Optodesign reproduced Blues and this year Opto Design’s latest project is to bring to life the old Melamine Kitchenware Balett. It is a functional and popular kitchenware and Optodesign has also taken the opportunity to further develop the melamine with a range of trays, coasters, cutting boards in birch wood and napkins, table mats and kitchen towels.

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