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januari, 2016

  • Breakfast with…Lisa Larson

    An interview with Lisa Larson has been published in Di Weekend the 18th of December 2015, and is written by Johanna Saldert.

  • Bakom kulisserna… Lisa Larson

    In the Swedish weekend magazine, Di Weekend (Friday 18 December 2015), Johanna Saldert writes about an episode Lisa Larson told her about; ”when the art lit the love sparkle”. It is a story about a woman who wrote to Lisa Larson and thanked her for having met the man of her life. They had both been standing and looking at the art of Lisa Larson in an artgalleri window and they began speaking to each other about the art and they found out they liked the same things. They started dating after that and they have now been a couple for several years.

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