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maj, 2015

  • Blues is now launched at NK in Stockholm & Gothenburg

    Opto Design’s new production of Stig Lindberg’s popular and functional melamine kitchenwere BLUES is now launched at NK in Stockholm & Gothenburg.

  • Optodesign & Stig Lindberg’s Blues in Hemmets Journal

    Optodesign’s latest project is to bring to life the old Melamine Kitchenware that Stig Lindberg created in the late 60′s. This functional and popular kitchenware is called Blues and is now being relaunched. Optodesign has also taken the opportunity to further develope the melamine with a range of trays, coasters, cutting boars in birch wood and napkins, table mats and kitchen towels.

    Lotta Paulsson at Hemmets Journal nr 19 har written a lovely peace about this popular kitchenware as an everyday classic.

    Stig Lindberg (1916-1982) was one of Sweden’s most popular designer. You can still see his tableware from Gustavsberg  in thousands of homes. Spisa Ribb, Berså och Terma was some of the most common designs. But Lindberg also did a lot of other things within art and design. Between 1949 and 1957 and between 1971 and 1980 Stig Lindberg worked as artistic Director at Gustavsberg.

    In the mittle of the 60′s Stig Lindberg created kitchenware in melamine that was named Balett and Blues. It is with the plastic that stig Lindberg became an industrial designer.

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